In downtown Shelton, WA, there is an quirky and oddly colorful corner art gallery/shop with a flower bed full of hand-painted rocks contributed by numerous people from the community of all ages. Some are brightly colored images, some are funny or inspirational messages, but all are pieces of individual expression provided a garden bed showcase by Off the Walls Gallery owner, Shelly Barnett.

Art from recycled materials
Art from recycled materials

I first met Shelly at a Shelton Chamber of Commerce business after hours event at Exceptional Foresters, Inc., a local nonprofit helping people with mental challenges live independent lives. She had a bright green streak in her hair and was wearing a pair of kitten ears. I'm not generally drawn to flamboyant style choices, but when I looked at her business card, I decided she was likely someone I'd like to know better. The title she gave herself on the card was not owner, or president, but Possibilitarian. This sounded like a denomination I could be a part of.

One day, I decided to go into Off the Walls and see just what the deal was with this unusual lady and her strange combination of art gallery, gift shop and clothing boutique.

I mentioned to Shelly that I was new to the area and just trying to figure out where I person with my interests might find similar folk. I told her of my plans to attend the Seattle Climate March and she told me of a march in Shelton in support of immigrant rights being promoted by Elevate Mason County. We also discussed different organizations in town doing good work for social justice causes and in support of the hungry and homeless. During this conversation I learned that Shelly was more than just a merchant trying to make money, but a person genuinely concerned with the welfare of the community. This is why I am including her shop in the Best List.

 Off the Walls Gallery is located at the corner of 7th and Railroad Ave. in downtown Shelton. In addition to the art, you will also find jewelry, apparel, gifts and home decor items on offer. If you are shopping for a gift, and you want it to be unique and demonstrate that you put some thought, care and attention into it, Off the Walls is the place for you to look.

While I'm not the world's foremost authority on art, fashion, home decor, or gift-giving, I can offer my wholehearted recommendation that you stop in at Off the Walls Gallery and checkout the fun, interesting, unusual, eclectic and one-of-a-kind merchandise curated by a lady with those same qualities.

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