hub exterior

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today to take the 30 minute drive to Belfair, Washington and check out the new Faith in Action HUB Center for Seniors there.

From the outside, one sees a building reflecting modern design, yet with natural elements of wood, timbers and stone. Hats off to all the people involved in the design of this multi-purpose facility.

I was greeted by receptionist/volunteer Donna Giles, who welcomed me and began showing me around until community outreach and activities coordinator Susan Odette was passed the torch on the tour relay. We took in the great room that serves as an entertainment venue, activities center and dining room. Adjacent to the great room is the kitchen where meals are prepared for both the senior center and the local Meals on Wheels program.

Susan cleared up one false impression I had regarding the nature of Faith in Action. From the name one might surmise there is a connection with a particular church ministry, but Susan pointed out it was nondenominational, interfaith, and more about faith in what can be achieved when we listen to the "better angels" of human nature, not faith in a particular religious doctrine. 

HUB Senior Center Belfair, Mason County, WA

I was then passed to newly minted executive director, Beth Gizzi, who elaborated on some of the programs and agencies that work together to provide goods and services to the Center and its members. She showed me the unfinished upstairs of the building where there is a lot of space that will be built out to serve such purposes as offices, classrooms, a small fitness center, or a computer lab, depending on what needs arise in the future.

I was also shown through the thrift store which was so immaculate and well organized retail chains could take lessons from them on how to present merchandise and manage decor to maximize shopper's enjoyment. 

HUB Senior Center Belfair, Mason County, WA

On the whole, I was very impressed with both the facility AND the heart displayed by all the staff with whom I interacted. My recommendation is for anyone 55 and over, their friends, family and neighbors, in the Belfair vicinity to stop in and check it out.  If you do, I'm sure you'll get the same sense that I got of "Hospitality, Unity and Belonging" - HUB for short.