The Best List is where we feature businesses, organizations and individuals, we encounter that demonstrate high standards and quality.  This may be a high level of ethics, service, or craftsmanship, or it may be an admirable and worthy mission. It is my hope that by putting more information about people and organizations doing good things out into the world, I can do my small part to magnify that good.

I'm  starting fresh, from moving to Shelton Washington April 1. 2017, so things my seem a bit sparse and geographically specific at first, but I will add listings as I encounter people and companies of the "Best" qualities and add them to the list. If you know of something or someone who is doing something to help people or the environment is some way, please contact me to recommend them and maybe I can get their story and list it here as well.


Here are some great nonprofits in Western Washington

Mason County Senior Activities Association
Farmer's Market Shelton, Washington
Tiny Houses, Big Hearts and Hope for the Homeless
Adopt-A-Pet Volunteers - Devotion to dogs
United Way - Shelton Washington
Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce
Exceptional Foresters Inc
Adopt-A-Pet Shelton, WA
Shelton Timberland Library